Thursday, June 30, 2011

start browsing and shopping part 1: nature republic

Hi all, lately i have been busy browsing, researching, and at last... started shopping for  my next trip to Jakarta. it's been 2 years i bought lots of skincare/cosmetics from Jakarta for my stocks here for the next 9 months!! hehe.. well, so far i couldn't find any favourite brand here so i kept buying from Indonesian online seller. This year i am interested in trying some new brands.. one of them is nature republic!! i was browsing for reviews, and most of them are good. The packaging, the brand itself, sooo cuttteeee... here are some cute stuff from nature republic:
fresh mousse cake soap orange

green tea ice cream icing
fruits mousse theraphy Banana
by flower series
this would be my first time buying and trying nature republic products, and here is my list for nature republic that i already placed my order (and of course, will have to wait until my next trip to jakarta to get them)
  • by flower bb cream
  • ice jelly primer
  • fruit mousse theraphy banana
  • mineral mist peach

by flower bb cream

ice jelly primer cherry

have you tried nature republic product?


Anonymous said...

i want to ask something, aku juga lagi tertarik make produk2 dari nature republic, itu Green Tea Ice Cream Icing sebenernya buat apa yaa?? >.< curious, pengen nyoba

galleryibu said...

hemmm,, kalo ga salah itu mask pack gitu deh,,, yang wash off pack type.. agak lupa juga say soalnya nulis post ini udah lamaaa.. :)