Monday, June 20, 2011

Review : skinfood peach sake serum and emulsion

This is the next review of peach sake line..
first, the serum :
first impression of the packaging, i like it! i like pump bottle. and it is also easy to open, so when the product almost finish and when you pump nothing comes out, you can just open the cap and get the serum.
it is a glass bottle, just like other mostly skinfood products, i guess.
this serum is what convinced me to buy the set of peach sake line. so of course, it is good product! the serum is light but soo rich and moisturized enough (for summer. for winter, no)sometimes after toner i applied this serum and i felt enough, like no need for the emulsion. and the most important thing i like from this serum is that it gives my skin very soft silky feeling after application. i can really feel it by touching my skin, sooo sooft.. like it has some silky smoothing effect or something.
next, emulsion.
this is very light, and not as rich as the serum. i can just apply toner and serum, but i can't just apply toner and then emulsion. not moisturized enough. too light for a moisturizer. you reallny need to apply serum before this.
the packaging, of course, glass, with open cap, which is the thing i don't like from skin food. why do they have packaging like this? so unconvinience, hard to get the product out, although after awhile you will get used to it and knows what the trick. but still, the glass bottle itself id too heavy, sooo unconvinience for travelling.

this line of skinfood will suitable for those with oily or oily-combination skin, for summer, or for humid country.


cominica-ai said...

I love skinfood too, their product is works
on me, and suit in our country weather~ lol

Anna Ho said...

I just ordered this. I can't wait to try it ;D

Penulis Amatir said...

Hi, I use skinfood peach sake toner n I like it. I want to buy the serum as I read many good reviews about it.
How does the serum works for u? Did it work to minimize pores? Just curious :)

galleryibu said...

penulis amatir- peach sake serum is my fav serum actually. it helps mattify and minimize pores on my nose area, but during application only. the moment i stoped using this, the effect is gone. so i think i should use this continuesly. but i just like trying new products :)if you like the toner you might like the serum too!