Saturday, May 28, 2011

BB cream Swatch and short review 1

 From left to right : Missha perfect cover #21 - Missha perfect cover #23 - Skin food peach sake bb cream - banila co. let me bebe
I know, this review is loooong overdue. all this bb creams are my old collection. wait, then where is my new collections? hahaha.. well, i submitted my order, need to wait for the goods to arrive.
all this time i guess i was so lazy to make this review, untilll some days ago i realized, some of my bb creams i finished even before i make a revies.. i looked everywhere for my BRTC jasmine water and gold caviar, i have them in 5ml jar, and when i finally found them... they are finish!! nothing left to even make a so i decided to take a photo of this 4 bb creams before i finish them.

look at them. they are 4 different colours. missha #21 looks so white, missha #23 looks natural, skin food peach sake looks so yellow and banila co looks a little bit grey.. but magically they are all match my skin tone!!! this is something i am so amazed about bb creams. how come this 4 different colours can match my skin?

ok then, short review now.

missha #21 and #23
first i tried missha #23, i liked it, so i ordered missha #21 just because i was curious, and i like it even better. both gave me nice coverage, no need for foundation or concealer for me.i can't comment for oil control as i am not really oily type. what i like better from #21 is that it gave me more fresh look, while #23 at the end of the day made my face looks dull. although the colour of #23 suits me better, so natural while #21 looks  a little bit white at first application, but after 5minutes or so, it blended perfectly.

the skin food peach sake bb cream
i read reviews about this on some beauty bloggers and most of them didn't like this. well, yeah, it is so so. comparing to other skin food bb cream i've tried ; mushroom, aloe, agave cactus, this one is the last on the rank. the colour a little bit too yellow, although it blended well too, but it didn't provide good moisturizing for me, and the coverage also poor. anddd... the scent is weird, not as lovely as peach sake toner/serum/emulsion.

Banila co. let me bebe
Banila co. is not really famous in Indonesia. I mean, if you compare with skin food/etude house/the face shop. Maybe because they open their stores here, while banila co. you have to purchase online. well, this is bb cream i am using right now. it is so so for me. moisturizing and coverage are average, not great and not bad. only the scent that is a little bit minus... it smells soooo artificial.. not lovely or nice one, but kind of chemical..

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Lina Kim ♥ said...

I think skinfood has a 'perfect' tone! it's not too pale like the others <3