Thursday, May 19, 2011

another beauty product found here : Yoko Papaya set & Papaya soap

If you read my previous post about beauty haul & shopping in Yemen, then you know a little bit about cosmetics& brands here. If you were wondering, here i tell you, here there is no the body shop, watsons, sephora, nyx, nooooo noooooooo, you will not find anything like that here. So many beauty shops, but you will never know what you will find there.. they imported many brands from all over the world.
I was so happy when i found this last week..
1st, look at the's a set! i love a set of beauty or body care
2nd, the brand is Yoko from thailand. i've know yoko for quite some time. In indonesia, the famous product for yoko is that Yoko milk bath salt.
3rd, look at the packaging once again, the body scrub and body butter tube just like the body shop!
4rd, cheap.. this is less than 10 usd.

i haven't tried this, so i will just post some pictures.
what's written in the packaging:
look.. it's in english, arabic and thailand!
The package contains : Papaya spa salt shower bath, papaya herbal soap, and papaya body butter cream

look at the body butter.. the packaging, color, everything just look like the body shop!

And the other thing i found is papaya soap... this is not the first time i found this papaya soap, it is the 3rd time i found and bought this. it is just soo cute and smells lovely
the brand is pure skin, made in phillipines.
this is what i like about this soap.. can you see that papay chunk inside the soap? sooo cooollll

well, that's it for today...i will keep looking for other cool products available here..


MissKatv said...

the soap looks yummy! :D

Coloured by makeup said...

I love the soap so natural