Saturday, May 7, 2011

Review : skin food Gold apple hand balm

I'm not a fan of hand balm or hand cream. For me, body lotion is enough. why do i need hand lotion when i have body lotion that i can use for my hand too? this one from skin food, i didn't purchase this. it is a gift from my husband from his bussiness trip to china. He knows how much i love skin food so he bought me this and other skin food products from china.
As i'm not a hand balm/lotion person, i forgot that i have this item, untilll... my maid got married and went home.. pulang kampung, gak balik... then.. there i was, in very dry winter, dealing with laundry, detergen, chlor, dish washing, and other ckeaning chemical stuff.. my hands were dry,, flaky,,itchy... and somehow lotion didn't help. Vaseline would help, but of course,  made my hands sticky..
and then i remember.. hey, i have skin food hand balm!
what's written on the packaging:

fresh hand cream that contains citric acid-rich apple extract to make your hands gently soft without a sticky after-feel.
to use : apply it after hand washing or whenever you feel the hands are dry.

gold apple? i don't know why skin food named it with gold. is there any gold in it? i don't think so. the first thing i did when i opened this, of course, sniff on the product, and yeeeaaayy.. it smells sooo lovely.. not smell like a fresh apple, but smell like creamy apple.. reminds me when my daughter started eating puree,, i made an apple pure with milk, blend them together.. that's how it smells. creamy apple!
the products itself, well, i'm glad that it works! it is creamy and rich but absorbs quikly, no sticky feeling after. and after some days, i can't remember, my hands were healed, back to normal. since then during winter i applied this cream everyday until it finished.
The packaging, i think it is a little bit too bulky. not convinience to carry around, unless you have a big purse. and you must close it tightly or else, if you have a toddler like me.. yup... my daughter once opened it and dipped her fingers in it!


nisa-chan said...

hello there,
maaf baru bales...aku beli lip color sari ayu di counter sari ayu nya...di kan selalu ada tuh apalg skrng ada koleksi terbaru bagus2 deh warnanya ^^

aku follow blog kamu yaahh :)

Lovely CosMe said...

I want to buy a hand balm too,thanx to soap that I use -__-..I have cats,so I wash my hands frequently with antibacterial soap,and it drying my hands..