Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Bakso... Mungkin untuk yang tinggal di indonesia ngga ngeh betapa "mengangenkannya" makanan satu ini.. Living faaar away from indonesia, one thing i really miss from my beloved country is.... the food. Nasi goreng kampung, soto2an, sate2an, tekwan, pempek, nasi uduk, dan pastinya... BAKSO!! kanggeeeennn banget sama bakso.. tapi satu2nya cara kalo mau makan bakso di sini, harus buat sendiri!huhuhu..
the amazing thing is bakso is my husband's favourite indonesian food. he could eat bakso everyday when we were in jakarta. Bakso abang-abang, bakso es teler 77, bakso lapangan tembak,, di mana ada bakso dia pasti mampir. and when we finally moved to Yemen he kept asking me to make bakso. he always said, you are indonesian. you must now how to make bakso... my first reaction was.. whaatt..??? it is not easy to make bakso!! in Indonesia you can buy frozen bakso in supermarket or bakso from traditional market, ready bakso, you just have to make the soup. Here, there is no bakso. people here don't even know what bakso is!

Seriously, i never imagined myself making bakso from zero, you know from the fresh meat! i've tried making bakso a year ago when i have indonesian maid here. the thing is, there is no tapioca (tepung kanji) here, which is the most essential thing of making bakso. My maid said, you can substitue it with corn flour (maizena flour).. we tried, and... Gagal total!!! Hahahahah the meat didn't form a ball and seperate when i dipped into the boiling water. we tried again, again again,,,, the taste was also tasteless... until... we gave up.

our next visit to jakarta, i bought tepung kanji, and one day i decided to try again. i looked for bakso recipe from the net... i found some interesting fact, about you should mix the meat with ice cube while you mince it in food processor. really? i found two blogs mention that. i chose the recipe i found in sexy chef blog from masakmasak.blogspot.com, cand... thanks to her... finally.... sukses!
here is the recipe
Bahan :

Bahan Persen % Jumlah (gr)
Merica Bubuk
Bawang Putih
Es Batu

*STPP : sodium tri poli phospat : pengenyal daging, dalam pembuatan bakso ini saya tidak pakai ini, karena ga tau juga beli dimana, ada yang tahu?*

Dengan bahan dasar ini rasa bakso sudah memadai tapi kalau mau lebih variatif dapat ditambahkan :
▪2 sdm bwg goreng
▪2 bh daun bawang cincang halus

Cara membuat :
■ potong2 daging hilangkan lemak2nya
■ masukkan daging ke meat mincer, sambil digiling masukkan juga es batu sedikit demi sedikit
■ lakukan penggilingan minimal 5 kali supaya tekstur halus
■ campur daging giling dengan semua bahan
■ giling lagi supaya adonan tercampur rata
■ setelah itu buat bulat2an daging dan langsung masukkan ke panci yg sudah diisi air dan sedang mendidih

and.. here is my bakso!
when my husband tasted it, he said, "now finally it is the REAL bakso!"
wow. i am so proud of myself! lol,, it is so easy to eat bakso in jakarta as you can find it everywhere. and now i made it by myself! started from a fresh meat!! mince it with food processor, mix with other ingridients, dan pastinya,,, bikin bulet2an bakso itu pake tangan... and my daughter likes it too!! she kept asking, "bakso! nau bakso!"

now i make bakso once a week. 500gr meat, i can store the rest in the freezer, for nasi goreng, nasi gila, even sometimes at night my husband ask indomi with bakso for dinner.

if you live in jakarta or somewhere in indonesia, just buy bakso from gerobak abang2 or any store. it is much much easier. lol. unless you are looking for something healthy for your kids, this is a good choice. add bakso to their foods, like soup, nasi goreng, capcay, or any stir fried, the kids would love to eat. well, at least it works with my daughter.
if you live abroad and you miss bakso, i reccomend you to try this!!


Lina Kim ♥ said...

so yummy!!! I haven't had my lunch and looking at your pic makes me starving xD~~~ aww...

Stephanie said...

aahhh jadi kepengen baksooooo...


Lovely CosMe said...

I don't eat meat(don't like it),only eat seafood+chicken sometimes.However I've ever tried to make bakso,just a mix of:wheat flour,tapioca,salt,spices,fish/shrimp/chicken.It worked:) No chemical added.Wheat flour helped alot to make a good dough.You can try it!:)

galleryibu said...

thanks sarannya..
never tried with wheat flour.. maybe someday will try it.