Monday, May 9, 2011

Review : skin food fresh juice c serum

I can't believe that i skipped this one to review after i wrote about fresh juice cream and toner.. well, i think i made a short review about this on my post about the fresh juice set before. Now that it's only 1/3 left,, i just want to update that overall i like this, eventhough it's not my favourite. gel cream/serum based is just not my fav..

what i like most about this is..... the packaging!!
look at this,,, soo coooooll.. it's like an infant medicine.. you press the top, then you get the product and the good thing is that you can control the amount of serum you want/need.

the srum itself, it is light, but quite rich at the same time. it gives me fresh feeling and moisturised a little. for whitening effect, well,,, i don't believe whitening promise anyway. i bought this because i want some fresh scent and my face sometimes looks dull. i don't see any whitening effect, but sometimes when i didn't go out and just stay at home all day, i just apply my fresh juice set, no bb cream, no powder, nothing.. just fresh juice toner-serum-cream, and my face all day was fresh and stay ok, i mean, not dull or something..

well, that's it my esperience of my skin food fresh juice products.. i almost finish them all.. now i am gonna start using my skin food peach sake series..


sugar sugar said...

ohhhh!! thanks for this review. i have a sample of this. will try it later. :)

Lina Kim ♥ said...

issit watery or more oily? actually I'm desperately searching for a new serum/ or emulsion from skinfood but I'm torn between raspberry series and cucumber series, do you have any advice?

oh, my skintype is normal to oily >.<

galleryibu said...

hi lina, well, i have tried the sample of raspberry and cucumber.. for me, i don't like the smell of raspberry.. it's a lil bit weird.. like herbal medicine and slight perfume or berry..?? not a pleasant one for me, while cucumber smells and feels fresh on my skin..but since i didn't try the full set or bottle, i can't tell you the effect and the goods for the skin..