Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Review : Etude house Honey wash-off pack

I bought this item because..
1st. i wanted to try etude house wash off pack/mask. i have tried skin food wash off pack and satisfied, i wanted to try etude house, and when i checked the pre order price, this one is cheap with 4 variations. under 50,000 (can't remember)
2nd. well, who doesn't know how good honey for you, not only for your health, food, but also skin..for looong ago people use honey (the real honey) as a face mask..just spread all over your face, tadaaa.. you will get soft, moisturized skin. i have tried this with the real honey at home, and it was too messy, sticky, although the result was great. so i thought i'd give it a try..

what's written in the packaging :
facial massage pack formulated with medicinal herbs and honey to soften, nourish and replenish skin.
active ingridients : honey, ginseng, red ginseng, cactus, angelica extracts.
directions : after facial cleansing and prior to toner, massage pack onto facial surface. avoid contact with water.leave on 10 minutes and rinse off with warm water.
12gx4 pack.

so yes, there are 4 pack which contain honey and different ingridients in each pack; ginseng, red ginseng, cactus, angelica. the packaging reminds me of butter/ strawberry jam or other jam for breakfast..lol.
1 pack i can use it for 2 times. for 1 times use is just too much.. so i just spread half of the pack, wrap the rest and keep it in the refrigerator.
The product it self, well, i just tried one, which is ginseng. when i first open the pack, the smell was soo strong..herbs smell, but the nice one. the texture is just like honey
sticky, but not as sticky as the real honey.. it feels soo nice on the skin.. it's just the stickiness a little bit annoying, specially when my hair got stuck on my face..well..that's honey..what do you expect, right..
during my waiting for 10 minutes, i can feel my face sooo moisturized, and when i wah it off with water.. well, that's the hard part to remove this mask.. i need to use some cloth, with water, ahh finally i an remove it.
too bad.. the moisturizing effect doesn't last long.. i felt moisturized during application and when i rinse off with water, but after that, that's it.. i was dissapointed with this not last long effect. because for a mask, i expect at least it wiil last for a night..
my skin food mask, and my beauty diary sheet mask, both gave me all night effect of the mask.  i mean, all night i can feel my face sooo moisturized, all night i couldn;t stop touching my face..hehehe..but this one.. noo..

well ,i still have 3 others pack to try..let's see

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Lina Kim ♥ said...

oh waww, the packaging, it looks like a packaging of butter xD~ how cute