Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Review : skin food Grape seed oil rich cleansing oil

from all my skin food cleansers i have right now, this is the last one to review. i have 5 stocks of skin food cleanser : cappuccino mousse foam, apple vinegar fresh foam, milk mania cleansing emulsion, milkshake point make up remover, and this one.

This is my 2nd cleansing oil. After satisfied with skinfood honey black tea cleansing oil, i decided to have another bottle of cleansing oil. In fact i deciede from now on i have to have at least one cleansing oil in my toilet.
How is this one? well, first thing i like is that it smells sweeeet... when i first opened the bottle i felt like a deja vu.. like i was so familiar with the scent.. like i have been using some products with similar scent.. than after a week i remember.. it was my the body shop mist passion fruit!! the purple one,  that i left in my office's desk/drawer, if i needed some refreshment in the middle of the day..
it smells nice, sweet.. it doesn't smell like grape.. well as i told you it smells just like the body shop!

the cleansing power itself, well, i like using cleansing oil at night when i don't go out anywhere, or when i only put bb cream, no other make up. it is good, just like the honey black tea. i tested it with my gel eye liner, and it removed the liner without rubbing it too much. but for a day with make up, i still prefer double cleansing with my cleansing emulsion + cleansing foam.

the good thing of this cleansing oil is that it is suitable for every season.. winter, summer, when my face so dry in winter or when my face a little bit oily in summer, this is just suits any time. i think it is same like skin food honey black tea in cleansing power and the effect of my skin. no tight feeling, light and gentle, no dry skin after washing.

this is the list of ingridients and some info from the back of the packaging.
the only thing i don't like from this is the bottle/the packaging!! it can get messy sometimes.. i prefer pump style for cleansing oil. it would be more convinient.

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