Sunday, February 10, 2013

face mask review : Innisfree jeju volcanic pore clay mask

This is one of innisfree famous product out there! i've been reading many reviews about this, and i've been wanting to try since 2 years ago.. But always distracted by other cuter or more interesting mask. lol.. yup.. i'm the type who can't say no to cute lovely products, so that's why it's been awhile for me to finnaly have this one. In fact this one i bought in Shanghai, when i visited innisfree store and bought a set of innisfree products, including this one.

anyway, to get it started, this is information i found on the net..
From the picture's clear that this mask is targeted for skin with pores, blackhead, extra sebum.. it will be good for those with oily skin..
First, the packaging.. i like the looks classy, strong..first i thought it's made from glass but no, it's made from some kind of plastic but the good, thick, solid one, not kind of cheap-thin plastic. The size is also perfect. Not too big, not too small. just enough for people who like trying new stuff like me. Sometimes when the jar is too big and the product too much i don't know how to finish it and i can't take it for travelling. But this one, it's convinient for travelling too. I will take it with me when i travel to Jakarta by the end of this month.
Open the cap, there is this another plastic cover, which is good. No spatula included though. I don't know if you buy not with set if you will get spatula, but i don't get spatula. i don't like to dip my finger in it since it's sticky and not hygienic but i don't have extra spatula :(
The texture is this creamy thick paste, with brown-greyish color, just like any other volcanic mask i guess. The smell is ok, of course since it's volcanic mask, i can't expect sweet or delicious smell, but thank god at least it doesn't smells bad. it smells.. well, just like volcanic mask. i've tried other volcanic mask before and they are all have similar scent.
The thick paste after i scooped out
This is how it looks like when spread out evenly.. I used my finger to spread out on my face, although i would like to use a mask brush but i don't have any at this moment. Well, surprisingly, it was easy to apply with my hand. at first i though it would be messy, sticky and not spread evenly but it wasn't.. it was easy and smooth to apply, i could decide how thin or how thick i want to apply the layer of the mask.

After i applied evenly on my face, i was waiting for around 10-15 minutes. it will get harden a little bit, but the good thing is not too much, not that kind that will make your face stiff and you can't even talk. It will only get harden a little bit and for me it didn't give me any discomfort like itchy or redness after use

To remove the mask, it could feel like the mask stick on your face and need a little effort to remove it completly. try to use warm water, it's better and easier. I needed to rub and massage circular with water to remove the mask.

The result?
I felt my fave smoother and matte. not that silky smooth, but a little bit smooth, tight and matte. i felt my pores on my nose tightening. So it really is for pore and sebum care, and targeted for oily skin. because i dont feel extra moisturized effect from this mask. and i used this mask at night on the weekend, the next morning when i woke up and shower late, i felt some part on my skin a little bit dry. I think it was because the effect of the mask from the night before. The mask made my face really matte that's good for my oily nose but not good for other part of my face like my cheek.

Overall, this is really good treatment for oily skin, but not for dry skin. it will make your skin even dryer. But for a pore or sebum care, this is a good mask!
I like it and i'm thinking to buy other variants of this innisfree mask. They even have in 30 ml, i think it would be cute..



Penulis Amatir said...

I heard many raves about this product.
Sounds promising.
Think I want to try grabbing the sample first.
Thank u for sharing ur info :)
Have a nice day

Wendy Ayche said...

Love your blog :)
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