Monday, February 4, 2013

BB cream review : Baviphat BB special miniature gift set part 2

Today's post is to continue my previous post about this bb cream set, you can read part 1 here. I have 2 others bb cream from this set to review.. ok then so let's get started.

Baviphat triple v line cover BB SPF 45/PA+++ (the yellow-gold one)
As i mentioned on the previouse post, i couldn't find the information on the net, maybe also because they don't produce the full size of this line. So what can i say from the name? v line? what is V line?i have no idea. lol but since this one is the only bb cream with SPF from this set, so this is the one i could use to go outside the house.
When i first tried this bb cream, i find it a little hard to blend and fit to my skin tone to look natural. First i thought i looked too white, or this bb cream is too light for my shade.. and it took longer time to adjust to my tone.. my face didn't look natural. and same like the moisture teardrop from this set, i needed more product than other bb cream to cover the whole face.

Then the other day i tried using primer before this one, and it became sooo easy to blend and absorbed easily, adjust to my skin tone right away and perfect to my shade. huh. so Without primer it was a little bit hard to blend and needed extra effort, but with primer, somehow it turned out good.

Anyway, this bb cream also has a good moisturizer like moisture tear drop, but maybe this one more acceptable for oily or combination. If with moisture tear drop my nose got oily after 4hours, with this one it didn;t feel that oile or it took more time (like 6-8 hours) until mu nose got oily.

The coverage is not so good as i found it a little bit hard to build the more coverage. i will end up looked too white ir ended up with white cast when i tried to add more cream on the area that need more coverage.

overall, not too special bb cream, although it's not that bad too, it didn't give me any breakout and the result was quite good.

last and the best of the 4..
it's Baviphat supreme discolor magic BB
yes.. finally the good one.. the best among this set..wait.. the name sounds not familiar.. supreme discolor.. discolor? and then when i first squeezed out the product i was surprised with the color. it's white! i was sceptical.. what kind of prouct is this? why is it white? it's something new for me.. i thought.. oh maybe it's a primer. so i just tried it.
look at this.. it's white! i tried to apply on my face with dot all over my face.. and to my surprise.. it's a magic cream!! it acted like bb cream as it somehow gave me coverage on some redness and vein on my cheek. and it even out my skin tone too!!wait.. it also smoothen my skin. woaaa.. what is this product?

blended out
The next day i tried using it as a primer or base before my bb cream.and.. the result was even better!! my face was smooth, flawless, nice finish, OMG i want this cream! it's good as a primer, and even just like this cream alone also gave me good result, although it's best to put bb cream after.
i hate it when i like a sample of a product and somehow it's not availble for sale. I was looking on the net about what kind of cream this one and other similar product, and i think it's something like lioele dollish veil bb cream or holika holika miracle skin finish. i'm gonna try lioele bb veil vita soon!!

comparison of the swatch

without flash from left to right : moisture tear drop-triple v line-shiny 2in1-supreme discolor magic

with flash.
as you can see, the shiny 2in1 (number 3 from the left) has different tone compare to moisture teardrop and v line. it looks like it has a yellow-orange tone.

overall, my favourite is the supreme discolor magic bb. in fact i will even buy the full size if they have!!


Penulis Amatir said...

nice review, I never tried baviphat bb cream before. Well, I'd like to hunt the sample too he he...
hope they're available in indonesian online shop

Anonymous said...

V-line is like your jawline from under your ears to chin, if a product has a v-line effect, it is known for firming the skin and increase skin elasticity :)
I dislike glitter/shimmering products as well! But I would love to try the discolour one, its almost like cc cream :D
Great swatches there and thanks for the info~

- -