Sunday, February 17, 2013

sleeping mask review : The face shop Raspberry slim&lift sleeping mask

Sleeping mask became part of my routine since i first tried it almost 2 years ago. I just like the idea of extra care while sleeping. I don't use it everyday, maybe only once to twice a week. So after i finished etude house sleeping pack tube and many sleeping pask sample, i decided to buy a new one, and i chose this one from the face shop, raspberry slim&lift. Actually i wanted to try the raspberry root sleeping mask version but it seems like it was discontinued and this is the new version, i'm not sure, but i've been looking in some my fav sellers and only this one available..

anyway.. what is this product anyway?
a little bit information from the bottle : "facial contours are toned and lifted while you are sleeping"
that's it? no more information in english? ok then, i'll look on the net..
well, this is more information i googled;

This advanced lifting line formulated with Wild Himalayan Raspberry Roots instantly lifts tightens pores and re-contours the skin that lacks resilience.
Nourishes hydrates and relaxes skin through the night - Convenient. Does not need to be washed off.

The packaging is this nice simple looking plastic pump bottle, with a plastic cap. The pump is easy to use, so far i don't have problem with the pump
The texture..
it's a transparant light gel. How to apply this sleeping mask is just apply evenly as your last step of skin care before sleeping. After washing your face, toner, serum or emulsion or cream, apply this as your last step. First time trying this, i could feel this is soo light.. not rich or creamy like a night cream. i was hoping it would be or feel richer since it's a sleeping mask. The scent, it's a sweet fruity scent, very light and not overpowering. i don't think it smells like any berries but it's just a hint of fruity scent anyway.

So i was expected it would give me extra moisturized during the night, but i was dissapointed. my skin care cream is richer and more moisturized than this. Ok then, extra moisturized maybe not what it promised. In fact it promised slim and lift... BUT.. a big but here, i don't feel any lifting effect either. do i have to use it continuesly to see more result? but some other mask i could feel the lifting effect instantly although not permanently. This one is not even instantly. No softer face, firm and lift face, nothing really. it's just a light moisturizer for me and i'm not a fan of it :(

Maybe i expected too much? well, i had a good experience with etude house sleeping pack, innisfree wine sleeping pack, holika holika honey sleeping i was hoping this would be good too.. but anyway.. since it didn't give me any breakout or rash, i will just continue using this until i finish the whole bottle i guess..


belliani bebe said...

Produk ini kamu kasih ratting berapa dear? Aku juga ada sleeping mask ini, namun ga kupake. Bangun dari tidur jadi bruntusan. Kata BA di Malaysia, Sleeping mask yang satu ini tidak cocok untuk kulit berminyak dan aku type kulit berminyak.jadi ga kepake.

Sandra Sasi said...

Hai, cari tau apakah kulitmu sudah putih merata atau belum pakai skinchecker yuk!Ada hadiah menarik juga lho tiap harinya! hanya dengan mengupload hasil skinchecker ke fb/twitter + opini kamu tentang kulit putih merata, jangan lupa kasih hashtag #bicarakulit