Monday, February 11, 2013

skin care set review : Etude house aloe moistfull skincare kit

As i mentioned on my post about etude house moistfull collagen skincare set, i also have this moistfull set with aloe, and i was gonna try this one first before deciding which line to buy (well i was hoping to try the moistfull white first too, if possible).
The set comes with a carton box, including 4 types of skin care;
aloe moistfull soothing skin
aloe moistfull first essence
aloe moistfull soothing lotion
aloe moistfull soothing cream

This is information from  (without soothing skin) :

Etude House Aloe Moistfull Skincare Kit is a mini set that to help soothe, alleviate, and moisturize dry and irritated skin. Enriched with Baobab Tree Extracts and Organix Aloe, it instantly supplies skin with full moisture by penetrating deep into the skin. It will retain moisture in the skin and leave it feeling refreshed and hydrated.

Set Includes:
Aloe Moistfull Soothing Essence…......15ml
Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel……….…..15ml
Aloe Moistful Soothin Cream………...10ml

Aloe Moistfull Soothing Essence: After cleansing, apply to entire face. Gentle pat to help absorption.
Aloe Moistfull Soothing Cream: After essence, apply an appropriate amount all over face. Gently pat to help absorption.
Aloe Moistfull Soothing Gel: After cream, massage over face. Re-apply when needed to dry and irritated areas.

  • Moisturizes
  • Tightens Complexion
  • Soothes
  • Moisture Retention
  • Alleviates

I like how the set comes in 15ml for each skin, essence and lotion, and 10 ml for the cream, so i have more time and more product of course, to try. Normally with a travel mini size like this, the cream and essence only 5 ml so normally they will finish first. But this one i got 15 ml of essence and 10ml of the cream.

So this line is supposed to soothe and moisturized dry and irritated skin, so it would be good for sensitive skin too. In my case, i could use this line on winter when the weather here suppppper dry and my skin got irritated, dryness,flaky skin and redness sometime. Or you can use this line on summer, when you were out and got sunburn and need a skincare to sooth your skin.

well, to see how this line work, let's just start with the review..

Aloe moistfull soothing skin
Now many korean started to use the word "skin" instead of "toner", but actually they are the same.. So this is the first step of the skin care rouine..I used this one with a cotton pad. The texture is watery, the scent.. i don't really know how the smell of aloe, but this one just smell fresh.. there is  a scent of sweetness, i don't know what it is, but comparing to moistfull collagen skin/toner, i like the scent of moistfull collagen better.
As i applied this on my face, it freshen up my face, giving a little bit cold sensation but not burning or tingling. It didn't make face dry, so i think it's quite good for me.

Aloe moitfull first essence
After soothing skin, now it's time to apply the essence. The texture is this watery transparent very light gel. seriously, it's sooo light, almost like water. It's only a little bit thicker than the soothing skin. In fact i grabbed it wrong between the essence and skin twice or three times because they look the same and there was some time i didn't read the label and pour the essence into cotton pad as i thought it was the soothing skin, or other way round.
Not just the texture, the scent also similar with the skin. When i applied this on my face, it felt sooo light, just like applying thicker water.It was absorbed on my face very quickly. it felt like a light moisturizer.Maybe it boost up the skin to prepare for the next step but for me i don't really feel the effect of this essence. it feels like i can just skip this one.

Aloe moistfull soothing lotion

Aloe moistfull soothing lotion.. it's a very lightweight lotion..when i first applied on my face, i don't know why i smell a hint of jasmine scent...? it has a similar hint of scent like the skin and essence, but maybe this one smells a little bit stronger, like there is another extra fragrance there.. maybe not jasmine but sometimes i could smell a hint of jasmine or something like it..??
 I think this lotion is a watery based, i could feel and see it as it absorbed on my skin. This i a good lotion for a day light, since it's very light but moisturizing. But i think i have a little problem with this lotion. there was some day when i felt itchy after applying this lotion. it was weird, since it didn't happen with the cream although they are from the same line. It didn't give me any breakout or anything though.

Aloe moistfull soothing cream

The cream.. when i opened this small cute jar, i liked the cream straightaway from the look!!why? well, it looks like the right texture for me. Not to thick and not too light. The scent is similar with the lotion but the lotion still has a stronger scent.  The texture of this cream is lighter than moistfull collagen cream, but this one also a good moisturizing cream. It kept my face moisturized during the night. No dry skin when i woke up, and it's not too rich that made my face feel greasy in the morning, so for me it's a good cream!!

Overall, what i could say is, comparing to etude house moistfull colagen line, i will definetely choose the moistfull collagen, not this one. well maybe this one will be moire suitable to those who has irritated or sensitive skin. My skin condition is quite normal at this time so i don't really feel the benefit of this line.


Yuri said...

I have this set too but I never tried the other one so I don't know how they compare to each other.

I like the cream in this set, I used it as a night cream ;p


Penulis Amatir said...

never tried this line. My skin is oily combination.

nice info :)

Marchella Gunawan said...

Which one can hydrating more between collagen line and aloe line?? because I have such a very dry skin that's why I'm looking for products that can hydrate my skin well.. Thank you

lee woo said...

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Rodriguez said...

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