Tuesday, February 19, 2013

mask sheet review : my beauty diary earl grey tea macaron & skin food juice white cheek sheet

This would be my last post before i travel to Jakarta tomorrow.. Normally i don't update or write my blog when i was there, but this time i will stay quite long there (around 3 months) so i hope i could spare some time to write in here but well,,let's see :) anyway.. today i'm gonna write a review about mask sheet. Since normally mask sheet will be just a short review, so i'll just put two of them in one post.

First it.. My beauty diary Earl grey tea & macaroon sheet mask
As you may know by now, my beauty diary is my fav brand for mask sheet because of the cheap price, nice result, nice scent, all in all, everything is just nice for me. and this one? OMG from the name itself it's tempting already. tea and macaroon?who doesn't want to try that?
From the name, of course i expected some sweet or delicious scent from this mask..but i guess now i'm dissapointed by my own expectation just because it doesn't smell delisious as i thought it would be. The scent of this mask is really light in fact, i have to really sniff to it to be able to smell something.. There is only a light hint, sweet scent, not something delicious or yummy..lol. But anyway it's just a scent and i think many people prefer product like this anyway, with only a hint of sweet scent.

The quality, just like any other my beauty diary mask, never fail me. it did good as a mask sheet. It's sooo watery, moisturizing and hydrating, that although i put it on my face for 30 minutes it still didn't get dry. It also didn't give me any uncomfortable feeling like itchy, redness or rash.. it was a smooth comfortable 30minutes during this mask on my face.
and the result after using this mask, i got a fresh-brighten face, felt so hydrated. another nice mask sheet to keep!

Skin food Juice white cheek sheet
Actually it's not a face mask sheet. as you can see from the name, it's a cheek sheet. Yup! it's only for your cheek area!

can you read the description from the packaging? i hope it's clear enough.. well the promise is to minimize current skin discoloration and help brighten complexion.
But i was wondering.. why only for cheek? why not the whole face?
this is the cheek mask looks like..
it looks like an eye patch but bigger.. but in my opinion, it's still to small for cheek. it didn't cover the whole cheek.. only upper part of it. Or maybe my face to chubby and most korean girls have slim face? haha..
The mask itself is not like any regular mask sheet,, it's like with a jelly texture in it..

So last night i tried using this cheek mask.. put it on my cheek area and i left it for around 30 minutes..it felt a little bit cold, nice cooling feeling, didn't give me any discomfort, didn't make my cheek itchy. Then after 30minutes i removed it..
the result?
seriously.. nothing!
i don't see anything.. no brighten complexion or at least brighten and glowing cheek maybe? lol.. well of course there's no such thing like a magic product where you can get instant result, but sometimes mask sheet or mask pack can give you instant brightening or glowing or any other effect although only temporary. and this cheek mask didn't give me that.
of course, it's written in the packaging,  "apply 2 or 3 times per week"  so one application is not enough? but cmooon.. who will use this 2-3 times per week? well not me... with a price even more expensive than a mask sheet but only cover cheek area, i would just go for a regular mask sheet like my beauty diary than this one.

so ladies,,, that's it for today,, i gotta start packing.. see u soon!


dolljjang ♥ said...

I've tried the earl grey tea and macaron too ^^ have u tried the chcolate truffle?

Arin Djunaidi said...

Hi bu,,, saya nominasikan blog ini di Liebster blog awards
Cek disini ya.. makasih ^_^


saifudin abu izzudin said...

nice day :)
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karena kamu hanya memiliki satu kehidupan
dan satu kesempatan untuk melakukan hal-hal
yang ingin kamu lakukan


cunggie said...

definitely can't wait to try this one ! thanks for the review


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