Saturday, February 16, 2013

hair care review : skin food Moisture egg hair pack

This is my first skin food hair product i've tried. After awhile using skin food skin care,cleansing, make up fot the face, of course i also curious to try their hair and body products, and as for the hair, i chose this one. I really wanted to try their shampoo and conditioner too but i found it a little bit too expensive for shampoo products, well, i mean.. comparing to the market or drug store shampoo products.

Anyway,, the name is a hair pack. as far as i know, korean brand named a mask or wash off mask as a "pack". Like for a face wash off mask, they use the name "wash off pack" so i guess this one is a hair mask since they named it hair pack?
the information from the packaging
From the direction to use, it's not too much different than to use any conditioner. Maybe just leave it longer for maximum result.
First, the packaging comes in this plastic bulky tube. It's 200 gr so it's quite bulky for a tube. The design is just simple, no cute stuff there.
and then.. the scent.. don't worry, it doesn't smells like egg. it actually smells just like some other drug store hair mask or hair cream product
colour and texture..
it's yellow-ish thick and creamy, like a custard..
I tried to apply it both in dry hair before shower of wet/damp hair after shower.
When i first tried it just follow the direction, after shampoo, remove excess water from the hair by squeezing my hair, then started to apply this creamy hair pack from the middle off the hair till the end, not from the root. it didn't feel like the cream stick on my hair or absorb, it felt like the cream just came off with water so i need to put more. i think it's best to towel dry your hair first so the cream will absorb more. Anyway, then i waited while scrubbing my body or just with soap, then i rinse it off with water.
the result?
i don't see or feel any amazing result. it felt just like any other drugstore conditioner! seriously! yes, my hair was easier to comb and less tangled and not dry but only for that day and the effect is just same like other conditioner like dove or pantene.

But i didn't give up. Some other time i tried using it on my dry hair, before shower. I applied it on my dry hair. it was nice, not sticky and messy.. Then i waited before shower.You know what.. this way is better.. i could feel the cream absorbed to my hair and gave my hair nice moisturizer
The effect of this way is slightly better.. it felt like a hair mask this way, not just any conditioner. i could feel the extra moisturized and softer hair. But again, it didn't wowed me. it felt just like hair mask from drug store/market! -- lately i tried pantene and dove hair mask and they both are good and this one is just like them.

My conclusion? not special product, just so so, just like something you can get from drug store and supermarket with cheaper price. So it's clear that i'm not impressed and will not repurchase this, but i'm still curious with skin food pomegranate hair care line though.

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