Tuesday, February 12, 2013

eye product review : Garnier Light eye roll on

I found this 2 products in Zinati, a new make up-skincare shop in town..it's something like watson but.. middle east style maybe? hehe..i used to have the eye roll on (the yellow one) before, but i stoped using it and forgot about it until i saw it again last time. Actually what attracted me more is the new version one, the tinted eye roll on, that you can use and apply to cover dark circle. I read review about that somewhere (can't remember) and in asia (Was it jakarta?) they even named it as BB eye roll on as you know, it's the trend of BB cream so everything with a BB name would be interesting.

Anyway, the one i got has no BB name on it, but instead the name is "tinted eye roll on" and you know what.. the tinted roll on (the new version) is made in france while the regular yellow one is made in india.. and they were displayed next to each other. huh.

ok then i'll just start to review both of the eye roll on
The information from the box (the yellow regular one)
this one is the information from the box of the tinted eye roll on
the roll on.. it's easy to use. just simply apply under your eye, it will glide smoothly..

Ok, first the yellow one..
from the front packaging :
it contains caffeine and pro vitamin B5
massaging roller helps drain puffiness
immediate cooling effect
anti puffiness
anti dark circle

For people with "panda eyes" or dark circle around or under the eyes area, this product is so tempted to try. Like me.. hehe.. although somehow i knew it wouldnt work like magic but i still bought it.. again. so yes, i wanted my eyes to look fresh, without dark circle under my eyes... well ok, maybe less dark circle..
So i started using it on January.. it's been a month i used this regularly.. well, it gave a nice cooling effect but seriously... i guess i can't expect a magic here. first, you need to be patient and second, you need to also change your life style like drinking a lot of water and have enough sleep, not late after midnight sleep.
There was some days (almost a week) when i didn't feel healthy so i slept early continuesly and drank lots and lots of water.. and i could see how my dark circle on my eyes really improved!it was less visible.. but the moment i was back to old habit, sleeping late and less water.. the "panda eyes" came back although i was still using this eye roll on.
So girls.. it's not a magic product, if you want to make it work, well, you should change your life style too!!

and then there is this tinted eye roll on.. with another promise to cover dark circle..
from the front packaging :
anti dark circle care moisturizer _ tinted concealer
reduction of dark circle + immediate coverage
immediate coolong effect
with caffeine + lemon essence
instant fairness

ok,, now it also sounds like an eye concealer right.. when i first i saw it, i thought, i got to try it!
there's shade to choose from this tinted concealer, and at that time i bought this there were 2 shades only, 01 and 02.. i got mine number 02-light.. number 01 is even lighter.
 so this is the shade of this tinted eye roll on.  when i first applied it under my eye.. omg,, it's toooo light! but when i used my finger to smear it evenly somehow the colour just adjusted and set perfectly.  So since then i used this roll on as an under eye concealer. the texture is very light, not creamy or thick, and easy to apply. i needed my finger ti do the job but it was great. I don't know how it effected permanently but as for now i've been using it for a month everyday in the morning as an eye concealer before applying bb cream, while the yellow one i used it at night or in the morning when i woke up before shower.

my conclusion?

again, not a magic product, but fun to try and since it's not really expensive so i don't mind repurchase this when mine is finish. or maybe i will just repurchase the tinted roll on one to use as an eye concealer.

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Yuri said...

Aku punya yg roll on kuningnya, emang sepertinya kaya ga ngaruh ya hehe
Nah kalo yg bb roll on nya itu aku selalu penasaran belom pernah cobain.

Thanks for this review :)