Thursday, February 14, 2013

BB cream review : skin food good afternoon Honey black tea bb cream

When the skin food launched this new line of good afternoon bb cream last year (was it last year already?) i could see the good response and antusiasm of beauty bloggers out there. Well, first, they are cute and comes with 5 variants you can choose : apple cinnamon tea, berry berry tea, honey black tea, peach green tea, rose lemon tea. and then the price is also in the lower side. i got mine for Rp.89.000 each from chic-princessa ready stock products. If  you ordered from pre order it would be even cheaper.
As a fan of skin food, i wanted to grab all of them! lol but well, i managed to just got 2 of them which is this honey black tea and peach green tea.
This is information for each line :
Good Afternoon Honey Black Tea BB SPF 20 PA+ contains moisturizing honey and skin-firming red tea extract to keep skin soft and glowing.
Good Afternoon Peach Green Tea BB SPF 20 PA+  contains vitamin-rich peach and oil-controlling green tea, promoting a fresh matte complexion all day long.
Good Afternoon Rose Lemon Tea BB SPF20 PA+  contains revitalizing rose and hydrating lemon tea for a firm, dewy complexion.
Good Afternoon Apple Cinnamon Tea BB SPF 36 PA++  contains skin-brightening apple and detoxifying cinnamon tea along with clinically proven skin lighteners to promote a bright complexion with a subtle glow.
Good Afternoon Berry Berry Tea BB SPF35 PA++  contains the anti-aging superfood, acai berry, and raspberry tea along with clinically proven wrinkle smootheners to keep skin smooth and firm.

so I bought honey black tea and peach green tea,  i was planning to use honey black tea during winter and peach green tea for summer. and for now, i only opened the honey black tea and keeping the peach green tea for later..
i like the packaging.. it's inside the tube, simple and compact enough to carry for travelling. it contains 30 g, which is enough for people who like trying new products like me.

 information from the packaging..
 i like the promise there.. long lasting bb cream that helps maintain bright morning skin throughout the day without darkening or smudging..

Firat, the scent,, it has a light hint of honey which i actually like, not too overpowering, and a light hint of honey is nice and better than regular cosmetic or perfume scent.
 i got mine for shade number #2. shade #2 of skin food bb cream normally fits me and perfect for my shade.
the texture and swatch..
The texture is light creamy.. perfect for me, not too watery and not too thick. very easy to apply evenly, blended and absorbed perfectly without waiting too long..
the shade is as i expected, it's just my tone. perfect shade for me. But the coverage is only light to medium, although it's buildable, you can apply more if you think you need more, but still the coverage for me is just like for a day light, not for a formal or night make up. To go to some occasion not casual or daily shopping, i prefer other bb cream with more coverage.
after blended..
My experience with this bb cream..
i decided to started using this bb cream on that time when my face started getting dry.. about 1 and half month ago.. my skin started effected by dry winter.. my skin became dry on some areas, i started to see some dry flakes... rrrrrggghhh.. and i thought, this is a good time to test this new bb cream to see if it's good and has a healing effect..
and.... less than a week (around 5 days..) i could see the result immediately. This bb cream has a healing properties for my dry skin!! When i applied this on my dry skin area, it moisturized the dry skin and cover the dry flakes and after some days the dry flakes were totally gone!! it also didn't make the sensitive part even worse. so it's the right bb cream for me to use when my skin needed some healing! bye bye dry flakes and sensitive skin..

Overall, i like this bb cream a looot.. i'm happy that i got this and excited to try the other variants (even all variants if possible.. lol)


Shasha said...

the rose lemon is my favourite <3 glad the honey black tea works good for your skin ^^

dini setiyorini said...

Waah ternyata bagus ya BB cream ini, aku punya samplenya padahal. will try it soon. Good review^^

Sandra Sasi said...

Hai, cari tau apakah kulitmu sudah putih merata atau belum pakai skinchecker yuk!Ada hadiah menarik juga lho tiap harinya! hanya dengan mengupload hasil skinchecker ke fb/twitter + opini kamu tentang kulit putih merata, jangan lupa kasih hashtag #bicarakulit